Manage & Maintain

Maintain control of your infrastructure with a cost-effective model.

Ascentek can help you achieve optimal performance in day-to-day operations with proactive services, as well as quickly respond to new business challenges, opportunities and emerging technologies. To help increase control over delivery of your ‘Develop & Maintain’ service level agreements, we offer ongoing development assessments, systems configuration management & upgrades, Systems Monitoring, Process Outsourcing capability. 

Transform your in-house software development organization with the help of our experts, who will provide team leadership and direction. Our developers provide best practices and share Ascnetek k's field-proven development frameworks and templates.


Centralize and automate your systems management to help ensure your overall IT infrastructure remains healthy. Ascentek professionals combine technology, automation, and expert knowledge designed to increase system reliability, availability, and serviceability.

The Ascentek Managed Outsourcing Services offers Ascentek customers an easy, one-stop solution for managing their IT infrastructure through outsourcing.


"Vendors do very little to help CIOs sell solutions internally and this is really their greatest failing and opportunity. We believe in selling to the organization and not just to the IT department of our clients" - Team Ascentek

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