Plan & Design Services

Overtake your competitors.

To leap to a higher level of competitiveness, you need a flexible, adaptable framework that can scale to meet your IT requirements. Ascentek delivers the combination of technical expertise and real-world experience necessary to build a flexible, robust, customized IT architecture designed to meet your specific requirements. Through assessment, design and architecture services, we can help you speed implementation while reducing business and technical risk. 

Analysis, requirement gathering, evaluation, and recommendation generation for your entire IT infrastructure, or just certain aspects.


Analysis,evaluation, recommendati-on, and a plan for an architectural framework to meet your specific infrastructure requirements.

High-level design recommendation for the technical and operational  requirements of your environment.


Recommended products and services for your business need, based on a solid, pre-tested, integrated and documented infrastructure layer.


"The technology industry is guilty of failing to understand the business requirements of their clients and the pressures that come with failing to implement the right solution; We understand the pressure - We consider our client's success as our success" - Team Ascentek

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